Ventilators and Gas Anesthesia
Code: 21100

Compact Gas Anesthesia Systems and accessories

The Ugo Basile Gas Anesthesia machine is a compact, modular and unbreakable sturdy system, intended to match the highest technical requirements of animal labs that do not compromise on quality.


Typical gas anesthesia procedures involve an induction phase and a maintenance phase, which require at least:

  • 0-4 LPM or 0-10 LPM, high precision analogue flow-meters
  • Vaporizer, NEW non refurbished
  • Induction box and mask breathing circuit
  • Chemical scavenger or flow hood

The unique range of flowmeters, coupled to non-refurbished vaporizers result in an innovative yet sturdy and reliable system to anesthetize animals of virtually any size (even horses!) and up to 5 animals simultaneously (with 10 LPM flowmeter) 

A wide range of components and accessories, most of which can be added in a scalable manner, making the system modular and with an excellent value for price, and enabling the researcher to customize and expand the anesthesia system upgrading from a basic (flowmeter and vaporizer) to a full system (with induction boxes, breathing circuits with masks of any size, switch valves, delivery systems for multiple animals, active and passive scavengers, etc.)

The blue 4 mm thick aluminum rack has a highly resistant paint to protect against stains from aggressive anesthetic liquids & solvents.

Two universal attachment block are mounted on the back, to connect the device easily to any rail or mobile floor model anesthesia rigs of sizes 25x8 mm up to 35x10mm.

Additional Info

    High-precision analogue flow-meter with 2 different flow (0-4 and 0-10 LPM versions Precise and optimal also for multiple animals
    Compact and modular, make it very light and easy to carry Portable and expandable, multichannel available
    NEW, non-refurbished, TEC3 or TEC4 vaporizers Reliable and precise delivery of the anesthetic gas
    Full range of accessories To compose a versatile full system
    Different vaporizers and flowmeter To match different anesthetizing needs and preferences
    Anesthesia Systems series 21100
    Dimensions cm 26 (w) x 18 (d) x 26 (h)
    Total Weight 9Kg
    Shipping Weight 12Kg approx.
    Packing Dimensions 40x39x30cm
    02/N20 Anesthesia Systems series 22100
    Dimensions cm 40 (w) x 18 (d) x 26 (h)
    Total Weight 11Kg
    Shipping Weight 15Kg approx.
    Packing Dimensions 67x42x53cm
    Warranty Anesthesia Systems  is covered by a 24-month warranty

    In the past decades, there has been a welcome increase in concern for the welfare of laboratory animal: increased use of Anesthetizing Systems is one of the results.

    Anaesthetising laboratory animals is a significant improvement of research procedures, since it results in a lack of awareness of any potentially painful or distressing events: in fact, anaesthesia can be used to prevent pain during potentially painful procedures, such as surgery, or to provide a humane means of immobilising an animal for procedures, such as imaging.

    When selecting a method of anaesthesia, it is important to consider the required depth and duration of anaesthesia and whether the method selected will cause the minimum of interference with the purpose of the research procedure. In addition the method of anaesthesia should ideally be simple to administer, without causing significant distress to the animal, free from undesirable side effects and allow a smooth and uncomplicated recovery.

    Information on potentially suitable anaesthetic regimens can be obtained from a variety of sources, including the Named Veterinary Surgeon, and specialist laboratory animal anaesthesia and general veterinary anaesthesia textbooks.
    (from "Anaesthesia | NC3Rs")

    Standard Anesthesia Systems for Isoflurane
    21050 Basic Single-Output Anesthesia System, including Flowmeter (for O2 or Medical Air) and TEC-3 vaporizer for Isoflurane (vaporizers for other anesthetic agents are available on request)
    21100 Single-Output Anesthesia System, including Basic Single-Output Anesthesia System, scavenger (Activated Charcoal Canister), evac tubing                  
    21200 Double-Output Anesthesia System, including 21050, scavenger (Activated Charcoal Canister), evac tubing and dual diverter manifold, for simultaneous connection of nose-cone/mask and induction box
    21400 Multiple-Animal Anesthesia System, including 21050, scavenger (Activated Charcoal Canister), evac tubing and Multiple Delivery System, for 4 animals
    21600 Multiple-Animal Anesthesia System, including 21050, scavenger (Activated Charcoal Canister), evac tubing and Multiple Delivery System, for 6 animals

    Delivery Systems (Masks & Induction Boxes)

    select from the following accessories, according to your experimental needs and to your animal model:

    PS-0525-A Nose-Cone/Mask for Small Mice, with diaphragm and Inlet Adaptor
    PS-0305-A Nose-Cone/Mask for Large Mice, as above, 3cm diam
    PS-0306-A Nose-Cone/Mask for Small Rats, as above, 4.5cm diam
    PS-0307-A Nose-Cone/Mask for Medium Rats, as above, 5cm diam.
    PS-0308-A Nose-Cone/Mask for Large Rats, as above, 5.5cm diam.
    7900 Induction Box for small rodents (mice and rats), 25x13x13 (h) cm
    7910 Induction Box, large size, 40x22x21 (h) cm
    21100-790 Induction Box for small rodents (mice and rats) 25x13x13(h) cm
    Multiple-Output Delivery Systems
    PS-0529-02 Dual Diverter Manifold with humidifier (see also 21200)
    PS 30-456 Multiple-Animal Delivery System, with 2 Flowmeters
    PS 30-457 Multiple-Animal Delivery System, with 3 Flowmeters
    PS 30-458 Multiple-Animal Delivery System, with 4 Flowmeters
    PS 30-460 Multiple-Animal Delivery System, with 5 Flowmeters
    PS 30-459 Multiple-Animal Delivery System, with 6 Flowmeters
    Anesthetic Scavenger and Evacuation
    PS-0581-00 F/air filter (activated charcoal canister)
    PS-0581-01 F/air filter (activated charcoal canister), pkg. of 8
    PS-0582 Evac Tubing for F/air, 1.8m with 19mm male x 22m female adaptor
    PS-0833 Active Scavenger, to remove the anesthetic agent by applying negative pressure (can also be connected to an activated charcoal canister)
    Heating Pads
    21100-800M Rodent Warmer with 21100-810 Mouse Heating Pad
    21100-800R Rodent Warmer with 21100-812 Rat Heating Pad
    21100-800C Rodent Warmer with 21100-814 Cage Heating Pad
    21100-304 Rectal Thermal Probe
    PS-0811            Delta-Phase Iso-therm Heating Pads (pkg of 3), 20x20x0,65cm. Maintains animal body temperature near 37°C up to several hours. Ideal for NMR
    Other Accessories
    PS-09  Fill Device for Isoflurane
    PS-0949 Fill Device for Halothane
    PS-0951 Fill Device for Sevoflurane
    22100 O2/N2O Anesthesia System,  complete with 2 Analog Flowmeters, TEC-3 vaporizer for Isoflurane (vaporizers for other anesthetic agents are available on request), scavenger (Activated Charcoal Canister), tubing.


    We also offer a complete line of Ventilators, which includes models for Mouse, Rats, Cat/Rabbit:

    28025 Mouse Ventilator, complete with 1ml or 0.5ml (model 28025-5) cylinder/piston assembly & standard accessories. Universal input 85-264 VAC, 50-60Hz
    28025-150 Connection Kit for Anesthesia System to Ventilator 28025
    7025 Rodent Ventilator, complete with 10ml, 30ml (7025-30) or 5ml (7025-5) cylinder/piston assembly and standard accessories. Universal input 85-264 VAC, 50-60Hz
    7025-150 Connection Kit for Anesthesia System to Ventilator 7025
    6025 Cat/Rabbit Ventilator, complete with 50ml or 100ml (6025-100) cylinder/piston assembly and standard accessories. Universal input 85-264 VAC, 50-60Hz
    6025-150 Connection Kit for Anesthesia System to Ventilator 6025
    All ventilators are available with suitable circuit & BNC connector for synchronized START/STOP.


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