Muromachi microwave fixation
Code: MMW-05

Microwave Brain Fixation system by Muromachi

The Muromachi Microwave Brain Fixation system can deactivate brain enzymes in less than 1 second.

Undesired post-mortem modifications in the biochemical composition of the brain can be dramatically reduced by Microwave Brain Fixation.

The Microwave Brain Fixation system is the fastest and most effective known method of halting brain chemical activity. It is commonly used prior to analysis of 

  • Phosphorylated proteins
  • Acetylcholine, Serotonin, Endorphins
  • Prostaglandins, Catecholamines

Thanks to Patented Microwave focus applicators, microwaves are channlled and focused on the aimed area. Brain fixation occurs in 1 second; activity of degrading enzymes is blocked.

The NEW 5 KW machine maintains the same features as the previous model, plus the following new ones:

  • Instrument control through the Touch Panel Display on the front panel
  • CE-certified
  • Air cooling (no circulating water is required)
  • Switching power supply to comply with line voltage fluctuation (380-440 V, 20 amp)

Additional Info

    Touch-screen Improved usability
    Air-cooled No water circulation required
    CE-certified No additional declaration required
    Oscillator Panasonic Magnetron 2M265-M11
    Microwave Power Output 5kW max.( 2-5 kW variable)
    Oscillation Frequency 2,450±30MHz
    Cooling Requirements Air Cooling
    Exposure Time 0.10-2.99sec (0.01sec steps)
    Pausing Time 3 min
    Power Consumption 8kVA
    Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
    Power Requirements 190-240V 30A 3Phase or
    380-440V 20A 3Phase
    Dimensions 75(w)x55(d)x128(h)cm  
    Total Weight 103Kg  
    Shipping Weight 195Kg approx.  
    Packing Dimensions 81x100x132cm  
    Warranty MMW is covered by a 24-month warranty  

    In neurochemical studies of the brain, it is of great importance to measure accurately neurochemical events in vivo.

    However, it is difficult to perform reproducible measurement of these events because rapid post-mortem changes occur in the brain concentrations of metabolites and neurotransmitters.

    With the NEW Microwave Brain Fixation System, the microwave beam stops all brain chemistry at the level present in the living subject, in less than 1 second.

    Measuring brain chemistry in-vivo is possible!


    MICROWAVE FIXATION SYSTEM 5KW, including 1 Applicator head and 1 animal holder, to be selected

    Applicator Heads
    TAW-174P Applicator Head for Mouse Holder
    TAW-424SP Applicator Head for Rat Holder WJR-S
    TAW-424MP Applicator Head for Rat Holder WJR-M & L
    Water-Jacketed Animal Holders
    WJM-24 for mice 15-20g
    WJM-28 for Mice 20-40g
    WJR-S for Rats 150-250g
    WJR-M for Rats 250-400g
    WJR-L for Rats 400-500g

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