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Transonic Research Flowmeters and accessories

Transonic will be exhibiting at the following conferences with full research portfolio available: visit their booth where experts on site will be glad to discuss product & research:

Safety Pharmacology, Berlin, 24-27 Sept 2017 http://www.safetypharmacology.org/am2017/

Frontiers in Cardiovascular Biology, Vienna, 20-22 April 2018 https://www.escardio.org/Congresses-%26-Events/Frontiers-in-Cardiovascular-Biology

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Transonic TS410 Tubing flow meter

Whether in the animal lab or in the R & D engineering suite, Transonic’s TS410 Tubing Flow Module gives precision volume flow measurements in tubing with user friendly features applicable to laboratory bench settings, in vitro and extracorporeal use.

Transonic Tubing flow probes

PXL Clamp-on Flow sensors. Innovative transit-time technology revolutionized blood flow measurement in medical tubing applications with these Flowsensors that clip onto the outside of flexible tubing to measure the flow within.

PXN Inline Flow sensors splice into laboratory tubing and measure absolute volume flow of blood and other fluids. They offer the most flexibility for flow measurement in circuits where tubing requirements have not been formalized.  


Transonic TS420 Perivascular flow meter

The TS420 Perivascular Flow Module for in vivo use incorporates the plug & play instruments. Known for their reliability, Transonic Flow Modules are virtually maintenance-free. A complete line of Perivascular Flow probes is available for small and large vessel sizes and for acute use and chronic implantation.

Transonic perivascular flow probes

Perivascular flow probes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. With over 30 years of experience Transonic will provide the flow probe that fits your application.


ADVantage Pressure Volume System

The ADVantage Pressure-Volume System represents a significant technical advancement in the field of animal cardiac function research. It is the only catheter-based system to accurately quantify true ventricular volume in real time using admittance technology. Automatic calibration of the volume signal eliminates hypertonic saline injection and cuvette calibrations for a tighter data confidence interval. The ADVantage system Phase signal provides real time feedback about Catheter position to ensure quality measurements from every procedure.


Pressure Volume catheters

Transonic Scisense Pressure Volume Catheters are available for all sizes laboratory animals, from mice to large animals. These minimally invasive Catheters provide cardiac researchers the unique ability to measure almost every imaginable hemodynamic and contractile index of ventricular function with a single instrument.


SP200 Pressure system

The SP200 Pressure System is designed to provide stable, accurate, high-frequency response pressure measurements when used with Transonic Scisense solid-state Pressure Catheters. The Transonic Scisense SP200 can be used with either two single sensor pressure Catheters recording simultaneously or with one dual-pressure sensor Catheter. 

Pressure catheters

Transonic Scisense high fidelity Pressure Catheters are available for all sizes laboratory animals. These Catheters have solid state sensors mounted at the tip that measure pressures with a high degree of precision. They are ideal for arterial, venous or cardiac pressures due to the solid state sensor’s ability to accurately respond to minute and rapid changes in pressure.

BLF22 perfusion monitor


Transonic’s BLF22 Series Tissue Perfusion Monitors measure microcirculation, including mass and velocity, for real-time assessment of perfusion. A wide range of compatible Laser Doppler Probes for acute or chronic use measure perfusion, mass and velocity in 1 mm3 of tissue.  



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