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Code: 40152 / 40153

Labyrinthe radial à 8 branches: Modèles pour rats ou souris, optimisé pour le suivi par vidéotracking

Le labyrinthe à 8 branches est un dispositif qui peut être utilisé pour plusieurs protocoles et adapatations pour étudier l’apprentissage et la mémoire dans l’espace, la mémoire de travail et la mémoire de références. L’animal peut s’appuyer sur des stratégies égocentriques ou allocentriques et la mémoire de travail par rapport à la mémoire de référence peut être évaluée en adoptant des protocoles intra ou inter-essais.

Le labyrinthe à bras radial Ugo Basile est conçu pour permettre aux scientifiques de travailler aussi facilement que possible, grâce à des murs faciles à assembler et à démonter pour un nettoyage optimal, une peinture non réfléchissante (différentes couleurs disponibles), un contraste optimal pour le suivi vidéo et une surface non lisse pour maximiser le confort des rongeurs qui n'aiment pas les surfaces lisses).

in fact, all Animal Mazes manufactured by Ugo Basile are designed to give optimal results with any Video-Tracking software. This is achieved by:

  • high-contrast colors: grey, white, black or the NEW Ugo Basile light-blue
  • non-reflective surface: reflections are a common source of error in animal tracking. Let’s avoid them!

All materials were selected to be sturdy and easy to clean, to construct reliable and durable mazes. Surface texture was selected for best rodent comfort (reasonably rough, “warm” surface).

Two sizes are available, for either mice or rats. The mouse Radial Maze, has eight 36cm long arms, 5cm wide and 15cm tall. In the rat model the 8 arms are 50cm long, with a 10cm width and a 20cm height. Different wall heights are available on request

The walls fit solidly in the slotted metal base, but can be easily and quickly detached for easy cleaning and storage. 

Optional tools can be added to the Radial Arm Maze upon request. For more sophisticated tests, see also the Ugo Basile Multi-Maze, fully automated modular system for Mouse or Rat

Informations supplémentaires

    High-contrast colors Gives optimal results with any Video-Tracking software
    Non-reflecting surface Guarantees optimal camera view and no glare
    Ample color selection Available in grey (standard), blue, white, black, custom color
    Reasonably rough “warm” surface texture Selected for best rodent comfort, non-slippery
    Quality materials Reliable and durable mazes, easy to clean and store
    Physical 40152 Rat 40153 Mouse
    Arm Length 50cm 36cm
    Wall Height 20cm 15cm
    Arm Width 10cm                                                        5cm
    Standard color Grey (RAL GR7001)
    Available colors Blue, white, black, color on request
    Weight 35Kg 20Kg
    Shipping Weigh 45Kg 23Kg
    Packing Dimensions 115x115x30cm 105x105x20(h)cm
    Warranty 40152/3 is covered by a 24-month warranty

    The radial arm maze is a test which can be used for several sophisticated protocols to study spatial, working, and reference learning and memory. The animal can rely on egocentric or allocentric (cues outside of the maze) strategies and working versus reference memory can be assessed by adopting intra- or intertrial protocols.

    It is an appetitive test and in fact the motivation for the animal (mice or rats) is to find a food reward in one or more arms. For example, the visit of each arm only once within a trial, indicates a good working memory, while visits to non-baited arms indicate errors in reference memory.

    In short, the many variants of the radial arm maze allow the experimenter to assess spatial memory in mice and rats by measuring the avoidance of re-entry in already visited and non-baited arms. Both intra-maze and external cues can be used and optional feeders or doors can be added to the maze to separate the central arena from the arms and deliver the reward only when the task has been completed.

    40152 8-Arm Radial Maze for Rats
    40133 8-Arm Radial Maze for Mice
    60000 ANY-maze Software
    47400-040 B/W USB Camera, including day&night 2.7-13.5mm varifocal lens, 5m USB cable and ceiling support

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