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Cages "Open-field" exploration spontanée et niveau d'anxiété

The Open Field is used to assess exploratory behavior and validated for use in the measurement of anxiety related behaviors.The Ugo Basile Open Field Cage is available in two different sizes and in a number of different versions, to match different experimental needs. Open Field Cages can also be conveniently used for novel object recognition  (NOR) test.

Walls can be quickly detached from the bottom, for ease of cleaning and storage.

All Animal Mazes manufactured by Ugo Basile are designed to give optimal results with any Video-Tracking software. This is achieved by:

  • high-contrast colors: grey, white, black or the NEW Ugo Basile light-blue
  • non-reflective surface: reflections are a common source of error in animal tracking. Let’s avoid them!

All materials were selected to be sturdy and easy to clean, to construct reliable and durable devices. Surface texture was selected for best rodent comfort (reasonably rough, “warm” surface).

The Mouse model is dimensioned 44x44cm, according to the requirements of Eumorphia Empress SOPs; walls are 30cm tall, available in transparent Perspex or grey PVC. A special model of mouse cage is available, dimensioned 40x40cm, with uprights to fit infrared sensor, for combined recording of horizontal (videotracking) and vertical (sensors) activity.

The Rat cage is 100x100cm (inside dimensions 92x92cm), with 40cm tall walls. The larger cage is also available with optional dividers to create four 46x46cm arenas, see model 47150.


Informations supplémentaires

    High-contrast color, transparent or opaque walls Gives optimal results with any Video-Tracking software
    Non-reflecting surface Guarantees optimal camera view and no glare
    All components can be easily disassembled Easily cleaned and stored
    Reasonably rough “warm” surface texture Selected for best rodent comfort, non-slippery
    Quality materials Reliable and durable mazes, easy to clean and store
    Different size available Specific model for rats or mice
    Physical Mouse Rat
    Dimensions 44x44cm 100x100cm
    Optional partition =


    to obtain 4 46x46cm quadrants

    Wall height 30cm 40cm
    Standard color Grey (RAL GR 5001) Grey (RAL GR 5001)
    Wall color Transparent or opaque (grey) Opaque (grey)
    Weight 7Kg 25 / 26Kg
    Shipping Weight 10Kg 31 / 32Kg
    Packing Dimensions 55x55x27cm 105x105x20cm
    Warranty 47432/47100 is covered by a 24-month warranty

    Developed by Calvin S. Hall in 1932, the open field test (OFT) is an experiment used to assay general locomotor activity levels and anxiety in rodents in scientific research and willingness to explore in rodents (exploratory behavior).

    Rrats and mice display a natural aversion to brightly lit areas: they also have a drive to explore a perceived threatening stimulus. The result of these two conflicting drives is anxiety. Decreased anxiety leads to increased exploratory behaviour. Increased anxiety will result in less locomotor motion and preference for the edges of the field.

    The open field is an arena with walls to prevent escape. In the modern open field video cameras with associated software are used to automate the assessment process.
    The relation between the OFT and other tests of exploratory activity as elevated plus maze have been analyzed in two mouse strains. Changes in these measures are often used to assess the sedative or stimulant effects of pharmacological agents.


    47432 Open Field Cage 44x44cm, with grey non-reflecting base and 30cm high non-reflecting grey walls
    47433 Open Field Cage 44x44cm, with grey non-reflecting base and 30cm high transparent walls
    47434 Open Field Cage 40x40cm, with grey non-reflecting base, transparent walls, and uprights to fit vertical-activity sensors
    47100 Open Field Cage 100x100cm (inside dimensions 92x92cm), with grey non-reflecting base and 40cm high non-reflecting grey walls
    47150 Open Field Cage 100x100cm (inside dimensions 92x92cm), with grey non-reflecting base and 40cm high non-reflecting grey walls, including partition 47150-050 to obtain 4 open fields 46x46cm
    60000 ANY-maze Software
    47400-040 B/W USB Camera, including day&night 2.7-13.5mm varifocal lens, 5m USB cable and ceiling support
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    • C. Hall et alia: “A Study of the Rat's Behavior in a Field. A Contribution to Method in Comparative Psychology” University of California Publications in Psychology 6: 1-12, 1932

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