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Test de Vogel avec Lickomètre

The Ugo Basile Lickometer - Vogel Test is a versatile system that can function as a simple software-based lickometer or to run Drinking-Conflict experiments and assess the anxiolytic effect of drugs.

In the Drinking-Conflict Vogel paradigm, a water deprived animal is exposed to a lickometer, and licking events are coupled to electric shocks. The animal is in a motivationally conflicting situation, hence the licking behavior is affected by anxiety and anxiolytic drugs.

The Drinking Conflict Vogel test usually consists of three phases:

  • Initial wait (triggered by the first licking event)
  • Shock phase (the sipper is electrified)
  • No-shock phase (no shock is associated to drinking)

For each phase of the experiment, the number and the timing of licking events is recorded and graphically displayed. The alternation between shock and no-shock phase can be based on TIME or N° OF LICKS, according to the user experimental paradigm. When no shock is delivered, the system can be simply used as a software-driven lickometer.

The duration of each phase is user-defined for each cage based either on time or on the animal behaviour (i.e. the sipper is electrified after a defined number of licking events have occurred).

The Lickometer controller and software can manage up to 5 animal cages for either rat or mouse; one shocker is required for each cage.

The user-friendly software, provided as standard, manages the system and experimental configuration, collects and saves the experimental data, and provides a detailed report. Data are saved as .csv file and .rpt file (a proprietary format which can be opened only within the Lickometer software)



Informations supplémentaires

    Multi-Chamber System Up to 5 Animal Chambers managed by 1 Controller and Software
    User friendly proprietary software included for experiment configuration, data collection and test report
    2-Pole Sine-Wave Shocker Adjustable shock intensity
    Versatile protocol management Can be used as Vogel Test or general Lickometer
    Shock 2-Pole Sine-Wave Shocker
    Test Settings Trial duration, Initial Pause, Time Intervals, Number of Licks to deliver a shock
    Data Acquisition via proprietary software
    Data Format Data are saved as .csv file and .rpt file (proprietary to Lickometer software)
    Operating Temperature 10° to 40°C
    Sound Level Negligible
    Pollution Degree ≤ 2
    Number of Cages Up to 5 (one shocker for each cage is required)

    35(w)x25(d)x30(h)cm (Rat Cage)

    20(w)x24(d)x20(h)cm (Mouse Cage)


    8.5Kg (Rat Set-Up)

    7.5Kg (Mouse Set-up)   

    Shipping Weight

    12Kg (Rat Set-Up)

    10Kg (Mouse Set-up)  

    Packing Dimensions 80x60x44cm (Control Unit, shocker & one cage)
    Warranty 45100 is covered by a 24-month warranty

    The Vogel Conflict Test is a conflict based experimental method primarily used in pharmacology. It is used to determine anxiolytic properties of drugs. The Vogel Test predicts drugs that can manage generalized anxiety disorders and acute anxiety states.

    Suppressing behaviour through punishment is commonly used to determine the anxiolytic properties of drugs. During the Vogetl Test, animals are receive electrical shocks when trying to get either water. Therefore the number of times the animal goes to get water decreases. When anxiolytic drugs are injected, the number of times animals go up to get water increases, even though the animal are still punished.


    5-channel Electronic Unit, including

    45100-005 Software

    45100-002 Rat Cage
    45100-004 2-Pole Sine-Wave Shocker, single channel
    E-AU 041 USB pen-drive, including
    45100-302      Instruction Manual 

    5-channel Electronic Unit, including

    45100-005 Software

    45100-003 Mouse Cage
    45100-004 2-Pole Sine-Wave Shocker, single channel
    E-AU 041 USB pen-drive, including
    45100-302      Instruction Manual 


    The following is an example of configuration of a 5-Cage Mouse set-up:

    1 45100-001

    5-channel Electronic Unit, including

    45100-005 Software

    5 45100-003 Mouse Cage
    5 45100-004 Shocker
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