Comportement conditionnement recompense
Code: 40500-001

Interface tactile Beehive - Contrôle et paramétrage des cages de conditionnement Spécial

The 40500-001 Touch-Screen Controller is a powerful and versatile tool, which will function as main unit in a number of tests:

For each test, a specific application software is available for installation; each software is sold separately, so it is easy to customize each controller. By the application “Launcher UB” installed on the 12” touch-screen, the user chooses the experimental routine among the ones installed.

A single unit controls experiment settings (light, sound, etc.), shock parameters, and manages data acquisition and export, for up to 4 behavioral cages.

Behive 2017

Informations supplémentaires

    Great Versatility A single unit controls all experimental settings, light, sound, shock
    User-Friendly The same controller manages acquisition and export of experimental data
    Outstanding Adaptability Dedicated software for each conditioning test
    Multi-Channel A single controller  encompasses all controls for up to 4 animal cages
    Inputs 4
    Input voltage TTL input 0-5Vdc opto-isolated
    Oscillation Frequency 2,450±30MHz
    LCD 12” with resistive touch screen

    Module Port 2 USB Port 2.0

    1 Ethernet port 10/100Mb

    1 DVI port for external monitor

    Peripheral Port 4 outputs for Sound, Shock and Light
    Power supply 12V-2A
    Expansion Bus Connection

    2 RJ11 connectors

    USB port type B ( only for software connection)
    Dimensions 25(d)x33(w)x5.5(h)cm
    Weight 2.7Kg
    Shipping Weight 4Kg approx.
    Packing Dimensions 53x41x13cm
    Warranty 40500-001 is covered by a 24-month warranty
    40500-001 Touch-Screen Controller & Shocker
    Available Software Activation Keys
    40530-010 Activation SW for Active Avoidance
    40550-010 Activation SW for Passive Avoidance
    40570-010 Activation SW for Passive Avoidance (step-down)
    46000-110 Activation SW for Fear Conditioning NG
    47500-010 Activation SW for Helplessness
    48000-010 Activation SW for Startle/PPI

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