Bains d'organe transducteurs enregistreurs
Code: 17308

Convertisseur- Amplificateur-Enregistreur DataCapsule-Evo

The new DataCapsule-Evo, with LabScribe4TM software on board, is a new general purpose, data acquisition system that provides high resolution and sensitivity compared to conventional recorders, over 4+4 channels, plus 4 iwire channels.

The 17308 is the most advanced and feature-rich physiological data acquisition system on the market. It comes standard with eight general purpose input channels, a low voltage and high voltage stimulator, eight digital inputs and outputs, a built-in barometric pressure sensor, and four iWire™ inputs

This versatile digital recorder is a unique system, in that each channel is independent, each having its own 16 bit analog-to-digital converter. 

Set-up is plug-and play easy, with connection to PC or MAC computers via USB interface: data acquisition is accomplished via the versatile LabScribe Software provided with the system.  

Informations supplémentaires

    USB Connection to PC and MAC
    LabScribe4 Software included
    DIN inputs and BNC outputs
    Connectors for most transducers
    Input trigger to start recording
    High resolution and sensitivity
    4 channels: each channel is independent
      Each channel equipped with programmable stimulator

    Analog Input

    Analog inputs : 4 independent amplified channels

    Input resolutions : 24 bits differential

    Sample Speed : 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1K,

    2K, 5K samples/second

    Imput range : ±10 V

    Excitation voltage : ±5 VDC @ 50mA per channel

    Input impedance : 667 Gig? tup./182 Gig? Min.

    Trigger Mode : external trigger /TTL or Contact Closure),

    Threshold Trigger from Data,

    User Trigger

    System noise : 32 microvolts

    Analog Output

    Analog outputs : 4

    Output resolution : 16 bits

    Output range : ±10 VDC

    Stimulator Modes : Pulse, Train, Constant, Step, Ramp,


    Time Step : 0.04 ms, 0.4 ms, 4 ms

    Pulse Width (Max.) : 1.2 s, 12 s, 120 s

    Frequency : 12.5 KHz, 1.25 KHz, 125 KHz 

     DataCapsule, 4-Channel Digital Recorder, standard package, including LabScribe4 software:

    The DataCapsule-Evo can be connected to a variety of transducers. Among the ones offered by Ugo Basile:
    7003-G Isometric Force Transducer, type DY1
    7004-G Isometric Force Transducer, type DY2
    7005-G Isometric Force Transducer, type DY3
    7010-G Isometric Force Transducer, type DY0
    7006-G Isotonic Transducer
    17844-G PressureTransducer

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