Pain and Inflammation
Motory Coordination, Grip Strength, Activity
Ventilators and Gas Anesthesia
Behaviour, Conditioning, Reward
Behaviour, Mazes, Tracking
Tissue baths, Transducers, Recorders
Miscellaneous, ECT, LMD
Blood Pressure, Vital Functions
Metabolism, Feeding Behaviour
Muromachi Microwave Fixation
Custom products
' Metabolic Cages

41800 - Metabolic Cages

The well-engineered Metabolic & Diuresis Cages supply uncontaminated samples of effectively separate urine and feces of the rodent.
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Food/liquid consumption, motor activity, urine/feces separation in one system Does not require any further integration
2 pairs of IR photocells arrays (optional) Masure locomotion and rearing
Food hopper is designed to minimize spillage Food measurement is accurate 

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