Neuropathic Pain, Hyperalgesia, Inflammation,
Allodynia, Hypersensitivity, Somatosensation
Motor Function, Parkinson’s, Strength, Exercise
Ventilation, Anesthesia, Surgical Monitoring
Memory, Learning, Alzheimer
Addiction and Reward, Social Behaviour and Autism
Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Stress
Electrolytic Lesions and Infusion
Epilepsy, Seizures, Convulsions (ECT)
Brain Chemistry, Phosphorylation,
' Elevated Plus Maze

40142/3 - Elevated Plus Maze

The Ugo Basile Elevated Plus Maze is available for mice or for rats and is painted of non-reflective grey or light blue for a perfect contrast with both dark and light animals.

The Maze is also available in white, black or special colors, on request. 

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Model for Mice (PN 40143) Model for Rats (PN 40142)
Open corridor length: 80 cm Open corridor length: 110 cm
Closed arm length: 35 cm Closed arm length: 50 cm
Closed arm heigth: 15 cm Closed arm heigth: 40 cm
Height (from the floor): 60 cm Height (from the floor): 60 cm
Colors: grey, white, black, light blue Colors: grey, white, black, light blue

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